Logan Lu prides himself as an artist AND educator. He started as tour guide at the National Museum of Mexican Art where he learned about Mexican art movements and history. He developed into an art educator and worked with numerous schools throughout Chicago. He has given hundreds of poetry workshops to students from the Chicago Public Schools, residents of the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center, and patrons of the Oak Park Public Library to name a few.

His signature 1-hour workshops are a combination of writing and performance techniques. Participants will engage in writing exercises and practice literary devices used in poetry. They will also get up from their seats and hit the stage in front of their peers. Participants will learn the performance techniques and practices that Logan Lu uses in his shows. Students will write, then perform what the wrote at the end of the session. The back and forth between writing and theater keeps the blood moving and the students engaged. It gives each of the introverts and extroverts a comfort zone and uncomfortable zone. Students are guaranteed to have a great time! 

Materials: Paper, writing untesil, space.

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